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Love AutoKey.

Robotic Process Automation.


Automatic data entry program.

User friendly.

Reduce work time & cost.

More accuracy.

Real experienced.

Helping data entry more easily and more efficiency.

Design orders and special tools according to your imagination.

Suitable for jobs with a lot of data , speediness and high accuracy

What people can entry data we can do better.

Love AutoKey = Keys to success.

Easy & Comfortable Work

What is Love AutoKey ?

Love AutoKey is automate data entry program into Windows application software, Ex. ERP program , SAP , Payroll program , Accounting program , Website or Web application and more. And support remote able. and support automatic work process.

By using the principle of converting data from MS excel , MS word , MS access , text file , pdf file , scan file , image . other types of files or reports into csv file format (Excel) and bring the data to work accordingly. The order of the commands that we define by ordering Keyboard and mouse work for people. Love AutoKey can also create tools to delete data, search, edit data, order new accounts. and applied to other works as envisioned Ours as well The work of Love AutoKey is fast, 100% accurate compared to the work of people, working tirelessly, without rest, without emotion. maintain confidentiality of information and only follow the instructions given by us suitable for accounting office or those who need to key in large volumes of data download various programs Data entry performance of more than 1,000 records/hour. (depending on delay setting, computer speed, program and network)


  1. Saves your time, With Love Autokey software, you no longer have to spend much of your time doing things manually. Fast data entry , tireless and no breaking time. You can easily manage all of your data.
  2. Saves your money, Simplifying all the business processes, Love Autokey software reduce staff and resources can save you huge amounts of money. 
  3. Reduces errors, Love Autokey software automate data entry from CSV file data (Excel) 100% correct data more than human , works follow step orders your staff can save and learn.
  4. User friendly , Love AutoKey software makes easy to use with simple process as same as human work but more speed and accuracy.
  5. Love AutoKey software no emotional, non-ill, non-stop, and works only on your command. A confidential information is safe.

Love AutoKey suitable for jobs with a huge of data.That require speediness and high accuracy.

What people can data entry we can do better.



Source Data

  1. From sources data example Excel file , POS data , PDF file , Application reports and other data.
  2. Convert sources data to save as CSV file type (Excel)
  3. CSV files data are input to Love AutoKey program and then automate data entry or other works with your steps of command.


  1. Convenient to work easy operation because it mimics the original workflow of people, it is easy to design work instructions. and easy to understand.
  2. In command , you can create your personal tools example delete , edit or work something follow your imagination.
  3. Store work orders to be used again or used as a guideline for teaching new employees as well.

Excel Data

POS Data

PDF File

Example steps of command

Steps of command is sequence of work that we designed by mimicking human work. by forcing the keyboard and mouse to work as we ordered. For 1 record example is below.

Sequence of commandMeaning
%{A}press “Alt + A”
{enter}press “Enter”
C10DocNoEnter data from CSV file Column 10 = Doc No.
{enter}press “Enter”
C01DateEnter data from CSV file Column 01 = Date.
{enter}press “Enter”
#N000Enter “N000”
{enter}press “Enter”
#2Enter “2”
{enter}press “Enter”
#410001Enter “410001”
{enter}press “Enter”
C08PriceEnter data from CSV file Column 08 = Price
{enter}press “Enter”
{F9}press “F9”
^{F8}press “Ctrl+F8”
MM1153-0323Move mouse to position X=1153,Y=0323
PDoubleClickMouse left double Click
#0Enter “0”
{enter}press “Enter”
{F9}press “F9”
ZEnd of command

Love AutoKey Program

# Love Auto Key automatic data entry program Formula SmartBiz , Account Express , SAP , ERP software , MyAccount , Payroll software and web applications.

# Support remote able automatic data entry.

# Crate automatic tools delete , edit and other by control mouse and keyboard.

# What people can entry data we can do better.

# Love AutoKey automatic data entry program Express , MyAccount , SAP , ERP software , SmartBiz , etc.